Rawness of Reality

Introspective Isolation and Controlled Chaos - Jesse Woods #025

March 21, 2020 Jesse Woods Season 1 Episode 25
Rawness of Reality
Introspective Isolation and Controlled Chaos - Jesse Woods #025
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In this episode, you have the opportunity to meet Jesse Woods. During this episode we have a thoughtful discussion about our world and how one may approach it. You can expect us to hear about controlled chaos, how to approach your insecurities, and why listening is crucial in relationships. Jesse Woods is an artist and designer from Pittsburgh, Pa. His current focus within creativity revolves around wearable art. Giving the ability to wear an aesthetic and/ or have a mere glimpse into someone’s unique mind through clothing. All of his work is handmade from a collection of sewing, painting, and/ or both. He is passionate about expanding his creative process, meeting other open minded people, and sharing his work with the world in hopes to spread love and art in all forms.

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first of all, never give up because there's absolutely there's a place for everybody in this world and everybody has gone through something different. And across world we have billions of people on this earth. There's a lot of similar stories. Different worst better so much happening to you. First of all, gonna sit back and just say this is who I am.

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Welcome Steps 0 to 5 for rawness of reality. I'm your host, Kevin Stop! And in this episode you have the opportunity to meet Jesse Woods. Jesse is a fashion designer painter and all around deep thinking, I would like to point out that this episode was recorded before the Corona virus pandemic had occurred here in America. What I think makes this episode so special is we talk a lot about isolation, finding yourself and controlled chaos, and how you can appreciate the little things and life and how a combination of all of that together we can really help create a better world view. Speaking with Jesse was very eye opening and insightful, but enough from me. Here's Jesse Woods, so I'm on artist and designer. You know, I picked fashion is ah,

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the outlet I kind of wanted to do, like, wearable or, you know, it's definitely nice toe have art hanging on the walls and whatnot. But you know what? Better to take it out where it out kind of represents you And, uh, you know, I analyze everything when I go into doing things like, I don't really like to just go on, Go on A women do something pretty much I saw, like the market for fashion. And, you know, a lot of people are looking to have something that's unique, something that's special to them that really represents them. So I thought to myself, You know, what better would be to be able to create pieces on and then especially working with people? And if I make something for someone always like to get, you know, a little feel for what they're interested in and what they like to d'oh, you know, some things that represent them. So then you know, I'll take that at my twist to it and, you know, kind of create a piece that they could wear out, and that's something that represents them.

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So speaking specifically about pieces that represents someone, so when you go out. I remember when I first met you at Zachary Rudders Art Gallery on Valentine's Day. You were wearing the jacket you have on right now has all the eyes on yet. And if you look through Jessie's Instagram, you'll easily find this jacket with the eyes. And you said, This is something you wear when you go out. It helps you stand out amongst the crowd, and you talk a little bit about why you wear it and what it means to you. Absolutely. So yes. So I pretty much call. It's my work shirt, you know, as of right now. So you know, I definitely have more pieces that I want to get lined up.

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But this was kind of my one piece that captures embodies my my creative process. It's a little bit outgoing. It could be a little crazy, but this is kind of my my talking points. So I do definitely wear this out, you know, along with, you know, I got a pairs of shoes that I specifically like toe wear out. You know, I got my hat, so I'll do. But specifically, this shirt definitely does grab some attention, obviously, because it's so bright and there's so many eyes like that and it's a little bit captivating. So within that the thought processes it's a great conversation starter because not everybody knows you're an artist or your creator or designer. Unless you have something on specifically, that's just not out there. Not everybody really knows. And especially for somebody that's starting, You know, I don't have a name yet. Not everybody knows who I am. And you know, that's completely a part of the process as faras getting started and getting yourself out there. So when I wear this, my intention is to, you know, if somebody appreciates it, you know, I just let him go like, Hey, this is, you know, a little insight on my creative process. Do something crazy like this, or I can tone it down to fit your lengths, and that's kind of the thought process with it. And it definitely got me a lot of positive attention in which I could hand out a business card and I could just have a conversation. And then it kind of worked itself out for me to be here today. That's why I do these things because it worked out you know, we met each other at the show and you saw my pieces and your little intrigue so kinda started asking me questions. Being a podcaster, you know, definitely by nature, you're gonna start poking a little bit. I'm not shy to that. So I definitely like talking about where my creative processes and gets more in depth and just art. But I like to think of myself as a deep person. I'm very passionate in an intimate with reality and just consciousness and so many things. So there's a lot that goes into that, especially when I'm creating my pieces. There's a very in depth mental process that I portrayed on my pieces. It's not really just something that I'm throwing together. There's a thought process to it. There's a reason there's a lot going on in my head, so it's like, you know, I like to put that out there. It was it was nice, because we, you know, we met at the show and which was a beautiful show, you know, shut up his act, that was That was a great, great time, and we were kind of just in the moment. And we're asking these questions and kind of went from there, you know, asked me to be on a podcast. That's everything that I'm trying to get out of wearing a piece like this

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and how long that conversation starter take you to make.

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This took probably close to about 100 hours because what so what you know might get misunderstood about clothing. I'm very passionate about the quality of work that I

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put out. So there's a lot of there's a lot of

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potential for failure in doing fashion whenever you're painting or sewing, because when you're painting on a piece, you know, compared to a canvas, you might only use three layers on a canvas or depending on what the piece is. Obviously, you could get away with one sometimes, but when you're painting on clothing, durability is key. So there's about anywhere from 50 to 60 eyeballs on here. Two of them are sewn on because I so as well. And each eyeball has around 8 to 15 layers of paint. So we're talking primer coats. We're talking, you know, especially if it's a light color going over dart a lot more of that light color, and just to get it to actually pop and really be there, So it definitely took a good bit of time. But at the end of the day, I'm happy that I did put that time in there because it, you know, it really represents where I'm kind of going

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and I want to go a little bit back to your roots. So you are from North else? Yeah. You want to North Hills High and then you want to slippery rock. And then Laroche Yes, quicker. So So what? That timeline. When did our and fashion find itself a part of your journey?

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Always, when I was younger, always been into our dad was a graphic designer and an artist. He went to art school, so he was always very into that. In my my mother, she's She's a very creative person, so, like it is a really unique balance. My mother's very like, fiery and outgoing and has a lot of creative juices going. And my dad's very the artist in him is very analytical and like, very detail oriented. So he's one of those people that say, you know, I'd rather invest X amount of hours and have the best possible work compared to just throw. It

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was advice coming from both of them at the same time, like yeah, so

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it's it's don't even essentially. I mean, my dad was more advice because he would critique my pieces, but my mother was just like I kind of just absorbed her like energy as faras like kind of come into the room and just like attack, you know, And my dad's more of like, you know, somebody that's analyzing so figured over these years, and no stepping back and looking the way I grew up in looking at myself in doing self reflection, which I do a lot of I kind of found that kind of perfect little storm between chaos and details. So it's like it emerges itself, and that's kind of where the controlled chaos comes in. Yeah, and you know, that's something I always use that, like toe represent my work and stuff like that with so but beyond them. So I you know, I put a lot of time into just kind of working on things. But you know, as you get older and people are telling you like, oh, what you gonna do with art? How you gonna make real money and you know, all that stuff and I'm a kid, so I'm just trying to do it, I think is right. And what? What makes sense? So it kind of did make sense. It's like art might be kind of dying, so I gotta figure it out. So, you know, I was very much into all throughout high school, I took architecture and engineering courses, did a lot of hand building stuff like that. So I always was using my hands and creativity like those air the classes that I absolutely excelled in and paid attention. It's like, other than high school, I have a hard time sitting in a classroom and just listening and keeping, keeping it together because, you know, I'm very outgoing. I'm more like the leader than

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we have in our cave school structure in America. So that could be one. Yeah. Yes. Oh,

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that's yeah, definitely. It was definitely struggled just to, like, sit there and just, you know, regurgitate information. I'm more of the hands on. Like, let me get up here and present or do something, you know, in which I can reflect on what I know and That's one of the unfortunate things about schooling. I mean, there's different aspects, but everything is not black and white. There's so much gray. So then that's one of those things that I feel like kind of get misconstrued. And school is like others always black and white Answer. Now, granted, there's some places where, yes, there is black and white answers. But for a lot of the other classes, there's a lot of gray area. A lot of experience needs to be involved, and, you know, so that was something I battled with. But bar is like getting back to where the roots came from, you know? So I did all that, you know, in high school. And, you know, I was kind of, you know, I wanted to be an architect, and I wanted to design. I knew that on then, kind of reality starts setting in, and you start getting ready to apply for schools, and then you see the architecture schools, or you gotta go out of state or you're gonna spend, you know, $100,000 you know, in like so that stuff starts to send any like, Okay, well, can I really afford this? can. This does this make sense? So I kind of took a route in which, you know, like I said, I'm very analytical in business oriented. So went into, you know, the marketing, management and psychology is actually the degree I got it. Okay, heart degree, which was really beneficial. And I've completed that LaRoche but far is where the fashion started coming in while I was in high school. And getting into college would get a parachute, and I always would like to get the ones that nobody else had. So I gotta like weird stores. We get, like, you know, stuff that wasn't in the mainstream stuff. So I would get those. And, you know, my mom would be like, All right, you get one. And then that's it for, you know, Wow. You know, So I keep him clean. I always was keeping him clean, taking care of him. And then that turned into I started seeing people like getting rid of clothes and shoes for, like, you know, like she's a dirty or something like that. And I'm like, I could fix that. So started doing that. And then I got in the eBay, so I was buying and selling on eBay. So I was buying. Buy low and you so high once you start learning how to actually clean and you paint a little bit on the shoes to, like, clean him up and get them to look good again. That's when it started to click. And I was like, You know what? I'm really starting to learn howto actually do this, and I started telling myself like Why be the middleman and make 80 bucks or 60 box on a buy low sell high when I could just make the peace And depending on how much worker, how intricate they are, I could sell it for a price that I feel is reasonable for someone else. So that's when I started getting into the fashion, and I also was watching the world just evolved where you see pieces going for $1500 a hoody in a and a T shirt for 500 banana. Exactly. Throw it on the wall, some duct tape, you know, and it's that

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already waist is insane, you know, not a money that's involved. And yet it's extremely unique in the sense that one art piece or one piece of fashion that is considered to be art could be praised that any amount, depending on what the artist feels is necessary. Yeah, and the buyers are willing to pay for it. Yeah, speaking about price and things like that. What is it like in Pittsburgh? Because I know living in Pittsburgh relatively inexpensive toe live here. Yeah. So I would assume that buying things is also inexpensive as well. Is it the same with the art world here? Do you have to look to other cities? Yes. Oh, and that's something

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I'm like, really get into it. Expanding on. Um, you know, Pittsburgh does have its market and, you know, already is definitely growing and upcoming. I mean, we got the Warhol museum and stuff like that. So it's art is in the roots here, but, you know, as far as somebody that's gonna be paying, like, you know, crazy money for a piece, you know, it's not essentially there yet, and my thing is, it was with my art. I'm not looking to, you know, go out here and, you know, sell my piece for thousands. You know, I'm right now, especially in the young stages of this. I'm really trying to get myself out there, so, you know, collaborate with other artists and just be more involved in this world because this is a world I'm getting back into. So I love art. I mean, this is my passion. I love creating. I love building things, you know, there's so many different aspects to creation. I just find it so beautiful. And it's like one of those things that, you know, You can't just be coming out of the gate like, Oh, I demand, you know, x amount for this piece. Where is the name? You know who What? What are you So and what's been nice is, you know, as faras the quality of some of my stuff. It should have those bigger price tags, but at the same time, like, I want that person to still have this piece, you know, and you know, I'm definitely reason, but with my stuff I don't ever get crazy with, like, you know, guy stuff. Unless it takes an extensive amount of time, you know? But I try to be reasonable. I know what the market is as far as what I do. And like how much people charge for it. Some people charge a lot of money.

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So So right now, if you are listening to Jesse would speak about this. This might be the ideal time to hit him up about art because eventually the prices are gonna be may be out of your hands and for right now is it's ideal. Hit him up for some art. I appreciate it. Appreciate it. Course I want to hit on the idea of controlled chaos and because we briefly spoke about it at Zachary ready his art event. But I I personally have used that term controlled chaos in my work. My work is different. I've worked with boys and girls clubs since I was younger, and during that time I had a few groups and having a group, we would always say, having a group, it's like controlled chaos. Absolutely. And and it's like everything is going on. It seems very hectic, but as the counselor, you know, you know what you're doing. You know what the like. You know who's in control. You know what's going on. So I'd love to hear your explanation of that from your own words. Yes.

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Oh, hey, you know it's funny because control chaos is definitely way. I would describe myself because, you know, uh, and I could sit on a podcast for hours and explain my thought process and the way I interpret things. And you know, the way things break down and in my head because it's definitely it's definitely intense, you know, it's like something that I've always been a very big observer, always analyzing. I'm always digesting things in the sense of like watching what people do, what they say and how they say how they feel. And I'm you know, I'm a very, very passionate person. It's just the way I am. I, you know, absorb this. You know, I don't want to say like energies, but like, you know, you absorb these feelings and you get the You know, I love nothing more than having a conversation, and you could just feel that you both are just like, you know, being wrong with each other, taking off that mask. I'm you know, I'm always getting so much into, like, you know, everybody wears a mask, and there's sometimes you weren't multiple masks, and you get to a different situation in your you're changing that mask and, you know, my thing is is like, let's peel those off for once and be ourselves. And I love that moment. So, you know, I'm always, you know, kind of interpreting things that way, watching all of these different things. And in your head it becomes chaotic a little

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bit. How does one pull off that mask

spk_0:   15:24
s O. I think it's just really being yourself and then being able to be yourself and be comfortable with that person. I'm very much a person that, like, you know, you're going to be pressed to give me something that I'm like. Oh, why I can't listen to that. You know, I'm open book. You know, I'm very open minded. I'm so fascinated by people stories and where they come from because we're not all living this beautiful little instagram picture. Perfect world. We're not in a fairytale like a lot of a lot of crazy shit happens and you know it. It's interpreted different for everybody. And I love those moments to hear, You know, two people could be living very similar lives, but have a way different, you know, thought process. And that could be the final product of them. It could be so different from one another, and they're in the same environment, you know? And that's so you know, important to me for, like to have those connections with people. And it's hard to find that it definitely is because a lot of people were closed off a little bit And, you know, and I'm not the person that's walking around like Hey, this is my whole life. But you know, if I feel comfortable with you and we start like, really having that conversation, it's like those conversations. You get chills like where you're just, like, really connected. And you're like, This is like such a like, surreal moment here and that to me, so important. I don't think we're having enough of that. I think you know, you know, it's a curse and blessing to have all this technology and everything, all these beautiful things that we have in this world now. But we started getting away from our roots and, like, you know, the fact that we're not like, zoned in on like who we really are and what we're doing here, and like we're getting away from, like love and passion and we're you know, it's all about work, work, work. And I'm you know, I'm a hard worker myself. Like I'm definitely like, you know, that is definitely something that I pride myself in. It's like I will bust my ass, but at the same time, like if I get a chance to sit down and have a conversation with you like, I really want to be able to, you know, have a genuine, unique conversation which were like, You know, you get those those fields where it's like, Wow, this is This is like, you know, uplifting. Yeah,

spk_1:   17:19
I don't think it's far fetched at all to say that we are or we have stemmed away from this idea of, like storytelling to the degree of actually connecting with people on a real level. I don't think that's farfetched at all. But from your perspective, how does one who feels as if they're not a part of that in their daily life? How did they become a part of that? Do they listen to their stories? Do they jump out of their comfort? Don't start just talking about themselves. Do they start throwing themselves in somebody else's faces? Or are they patient? And they focus on learning. So eventually they get to the point where they're comfortable with showcasing those abilities. What do you think? Yes,

spk_0:   17:58
I think it definitely varies between people because everybody has, like, a different way, the way they portray themselves, the way they talking in Iraq. So I think, you know, there's not really wants that way. It goes back to that gray area situation. But I think it's just, you know what feels right is really important, you know, sometimes, yes, stepping out of that comfort zone is definitely important, you know. But once you step out of the comfort zone, what I think a lot of people need to do is just reflect on, you know, do more self reflection like Okay, so how did I feel in that moment? How did that person, How do I feel like that person felt in that moment? Was that too much? Was that too little? Should I say it's unaware? And what's unfortunate is the fact that we have so much we're absorbing so much information in so many different. You know, everything's a stimulation around us between advertisements and what's going on on social media and, you know, I got school, I got work. I got, you know, So we're not even paying attention to those things. And I think it's nice to just step back for once and just say, OK, what? How do I feel? Like How does you know what you know? What did I do the other day that made me feel good? You know, stuff like that and just really kind of breaking down to yourself because it's all unique were all different, and it's all gonna be interpreted differently. But, you know, definitely jump out of the comfort zone a little bit, you know, go about it, you know. But when you meet somebody that you have those connections with, you know, appreciate that. And I think a lot of people have relationships with people and it's goes unappreciated and there's, you know, that's really unfortunate because it's hard to find those genuine riel, um, you know, connections with people, and when you do that, hold on to that and take care of that

spk_1:   19:34
person. And so I definitely love what you're saying, but I could see how some someone would struggle with this, appreciating those relationships and what you've been cultivating because maybe internally, you feel as if it's not as strong of a bond that you think it is, and you're second guessing it. So when you're in your head and you're having these insecurities pull you from all these different directions, what do you do?

spk_0:   20:01
Yes, so you know, And that sometimes breaks down to like sometimes you just got to jump in and just screw, you know, like you've gotta throw yourself in the fire a little bit sometimes. And you know, you don't wantto crash and burn like like every single time. But like, you know, just dipper toes in the water a little bit like all right, so this is, you know, because it's all baby steps, especially if you're not like an outgoing person, like I have no problem, just, you know, absolutely opening up in just saying it. Because my thing is, you know, I'm self reflected so many times and granted I'm not anywhere near perfect. But you know, in that sense like out, I don't have an issue with throwing myself out there because when I'm done with that conversation, I'm automatically subconsciously self reflecting like should I said that? Maybe not. Maybe next time don't say or watch how you say that our, you know and also get those feels off of other people because, you know, some people are harder to read than others. But sometimes you'll say something and you'll get a reaction. And you gotta pay attention, that reaction, because that could be really important. Did they look at you like I don't want to hear anymore? Or were they like, you know, intrigues, you know, raising an eyebrow or they, you know, actually listening to you like making icon like there's little things like that that you know we've gotten away from because it's so easy to just send a message or, you know, you know, and call somebody. You know, it's always funny because, you know, you sent a message and you get a message back and you're like, What do they mean by that? You know, like, was that what tone was that? You know, So all those little things you miss out on those messages, you know, So, you know, get yourself into these situations in which you're able to actually have something that self reflect on when you're done. And I think that's super important, you know, And being able to like be like, Okay, where where do I stand with this? Was this somebody Were they interested in this? Do I want to continue? You know, you know, opening up to this person like, you know, it gets in. And like I said, it really does very, really depends on who you are. But I think self reflection at the end of the day is the biggest thing, like start paying attention to more of that.

spk_1:   21:57
And now where does your art play a role in this? So

spk_0:   22:02
that kind of all swings back to that control chaos. So, like the fact that you know, I'm always interpreting, I'm always paying attention and analyzing. I'm absorbing art from everywhere I go, each person in the way their style is the way they talk and act. There's an art within that, you know, especially because I was in the architecture like I would just see buildings and there's an art in that you listen to music. There's art in that there's feelings. Feelings essentially could be interpreted toe art. But when you're walking around and you're absorbing all of this out once, and it just becomes chaotic because you're just like, how do I file all of this? And then, you know, something that I've really honed in on as controlling it where I'd be like, Okay, like, this is where it's gonna be crazy not going. And this is where it's gonna get, like, finer detail. We're gonna file this away and, you know, it's on little category. Like, you know, this is visual art. This is, you know, the art within the person, or sometimes be more in the moment. So you have to kind of learn to control it to an extent, because you don't want to, like, you know, box it up. But at the same time, if you just let it all go I mean, you're just gonna be losing your mind, like, all times, because there's never a moment where I have I'm not just my brain's not going at 100 miles per hour, But you know, the fact that somebody might not always recognize that you know, when you know, when I start opening up to people, they're like, I never knew you were like this. And I'm like Well, that's where the control comes in a little bit, because I'm not going to just walk around and absolutely like a waterfall out of my mouth. All of this, like stuff that's going on Technology. Yeah, it would be like, What is this dude talking about? But, you know, I'm seeing everything in a different way, and I realize, and I also realized, like, not everybody's like that. So that's a part of that self reflection and all kind of comes back because you know, the whole back. Yeah, you definitely do. And that's where those masks come in where it's not like, you know, not always Wearing a mask is a bad thing. It's like sometimes you just gotta, you know, mold to the situation. Because if I walked into a room and I just was started spewing everything that I and thinking at that time, I'm not gonna get anything

spk_1:   24:02
across, don't you? You hit on this in a interview that you had on the baby faces you can, and you were saying that you're a very intense individual, and if you are just extremely intense and people aren't necessarily ready for, it might be a little off. Put absolutely. I'm kind of the same way when I come on as super intense sometimes, and it's like I put people out of this like this, like weird space. And they feel like, What is this enigma in front of me? Just who I am? Yeah, exactly. So while while I can completely understand thine extent, of course. But I feel as if I can understand what you're saying. I do see that there are times that you just have to hold back, Yeah, backwards. But I think it's crucial for that because it kind of ties back into listening. And this isn't a job interview by any means, but the the one or two most important things at a job like an employer looks for an individual. An applicant is listening skills. And if somebody like you who is intense, who wants to say these things is very good at listening, well, then, if you were able to kind of draw back, listen and then then say your piece, Yeah, it is gonna hit so much harder every single time.

spk_0:   25:31
Absolutely. That's super important. First of all, you have shot out to Jeff in the baby stays baby faced assassin podcast first podcast I was ever on. So this is it. And this is my second so exciting That and that all ties back again to look that controlling in the chaos. Because I do see myself as a very good listener because it's so powerful to be ableto listen to somebody and just get them to say the way they feel. And that's why I like it when I have those conversations in which I usually put myself in the fire first, where I'm like, Hey, this is me mass off. This is who I am and I usually jump into that that way. So then they're like Okay, well, if he's coming off that way, then I could maybe start, you know, and the natural listening kicks in the door yourself out there like I'm an open book. This is who I am. Go ahead, say whatever you gotta say, and then that's when, like the magic starts happening in the sense that now they're more comfortable, and now it's like now it's listening time. Now it's like, right get would you have to get off your chest or say how you really feel it take off your mask, and then that's when it's like that moment starts happening. And then I always like. It's like an internal smile when I start to see things and like, I'll start to hear people say things that you don't think that they typically would say, You know, it's something that you know. You could kind of feel that they were holding that back for a long time. And there's a beautiful moments. And now that you have that information, it's like Now the next thing that you're going to say is gonna be, you know, able to hit harder and like, you know, feel more intimate. And then it's like, You know, that's when like those moments happen And, you know, I just think it's so beautiful. Have something like that and, you know, be able to be real with somebody because it's so hard to find, you know, And I hate to say like, Oh, you gotta be really, you know, like, but it's It's like, honest, like it's an honest, you know, feeling of mine. It's like I want you to be who you really are. Just tell me how you really feel specially if you're gonna have longer relationship with that person, whether it's a friend or a partner, whatever that may be, that's super important. You've got to get to know the person, and we're all kind of like where in our own mask or it's like you want to be a year down the road. But I had no idea this person was like that. So that's why I kind of you know, you're not gonna get everything out in the first conversation of the first couple times meeting them, but just show like, you know, my thing is, he's just show like, Hey, I'm open. You're gonna get everything that I possibly have from me But, like, let's see what you got to say Like I love I would love to hear that And you know, that's where that kind of And that's how that controlled chaos comes in. And that and you gotta be ableto control that intensity. Because if I just sat down here on this podcast and I just rambled off everything that's going on one, the listeners would be like What the hell you'd be like? All right, this is crazy, you know that You just become too much, but it's the beauty of like, you know, it's the Ying and Yang, like finding that bounce and really being able to go on each side of the deep end deep and in listening, dependent, just being wrong with you.

spk_1:   28:18
So I need to I need to know this. Where did this mindset really like, really, like, hit home and become something that was a part of your life. And what was it like before that

spk_0:   28:31
u S O. I mean, I guess it was a lot of it was just the way I was kind of raised. I was just, you know, I was raised. Just pay attention. Think before you speak. You know, I was always, you know, I was under a fairly strict household, So I was like, I always had, like, you know, my routines that I had to do. You got to do the Tory's gotta do you know, I was always handy around the house. I mean, my God, since I was a kid, we put on additions, bill polls, ponds, like I was doing that at a young age, building decks and, you know, built up all

spk_1:   29:04
roads were built ponds are built, I think. What, three ponds in my life. Digging him out? Yeah. Hey, Yeah, ours. They're big enough

spk_0:   29:14
where you could swim in. So but yeah, I mean, we did that since I was a kid, and, you know, now it's like second nature. So, like, especially I'd go out to the mall with my mom or something like that. And I was always just watching things because my mother was like that, too. She's very much a reflection on, like, the intensity in the Passion on. And then, like I said with my dad, he's very detail oriented and, like, a little bit more. He's definitely way more quiet and like, you know, um, you know, uh, within himself on things. So I kind of found that balance where I was like, all right, this is where things were getting too chaotic. Time to like, you know, kind of quiet up like my dad, you know? But that was just all subconsciously digested, like, as a kid, and that I guess that's kind of just naturally the way I kind of was always paying attention. So I see where my mom would do something with my dad. would do something for my friend or a teacher or something. I was just, you know, I didn't know it at that time as a kid, but I was all I was absorbing it all like a sponge, like it's just insane, like just taking every single thing. And I know it like every kid's taking and things, but it definitely was a little bit intense, especially with the way I was raised. Were definitely taught to pay attention to yours. Rounds don't be, you know, just saying whatever. Think twice before you speak and stuff like that. So you know, all that stimulation, all of those different experiences, like we're just slowly crafting itself. And it wasn't until I got order and really started doing self reflection, you know, then a lot of years, like, isolated from like, you know, like as light. Once you graduate high school reality start setting it. You start to go to school. Friends start to go to school. You know, there's a lot of you know, a lot of where this came from was actually from loneliness, like really being by yourself, you have nothing blood. The person in the mirror right there So that's when I was like, Oh, my God. All right, so what do we got going on here? Like you had all these, you know, emotions and all this, you know, mental stimulation going on. And now you're not in high school where you could just, you know, kind of blend in because high school soon, you know, interesting. In the fact that you know, it's like one of those kind of things that are just happening. But you're around other people. You're stimulated by the fact that you know, your you got your friend and maybe they're not even all your friends, but you're around people. It's until you take all of that, you know, and especially if you're, like, got a mindset like my words, Like all this chaos is happening because you go to school when it just kind of dilutes itself. So much is happening now when you get away from that and then it just becomes you. Wake up, go to school, go to work, go to sleep, wake up, you know, and then it's just like and you're just looking at yourself in the mirror. And you're just like Holy shit. What? What we got going on and then that's when I really started adding some of that control to the cows. And those were extremely hard times as faras. Like getting that understanding. That doesn't happen overnight. And, you know, you can't just control this chaos, like in the day takes years of just like self reflecting, you know, being very critical. I'm my biggest critic like Oh, my God. Like it took me a long time to even get my artwork out there because I would just look at it and be like, this is garbage, you know, like in that cell with a lot of artists. And, you know, especially, you know, I had a dad that was a very critical artistas Faras, like he would just be like any could have changed that right there. You know, this could have been different. And now I see my pieces and I could have did this and that somebody might look it and be like, That's beautiful, just like oh, it makes me sick, you know? And I'm really trying to find a piece with that where I'm just like you know what? This was the creation of that time this was an expression of their time. Just get that out there and you know, So it took a lot of time to just kind of, like, hone in on that, like, all right, Like, this is who you are. This is what you gotta work on. This is something that's a positive about you, and you just gotta keep reflecting. I mean, and that definitely helped me, but yeah, I mean, I'm definitely a product of isolation.

spk_1:   33:01
If you were to say something to any of the listeners right now who are combating with the idea of loneliness, and I don't think it's like something that oh, this specific group is like, lonely in this one. These I think all of us internally deal with loneliness. We're human, right? Absolutely so to the next, to an extent that they're dealing with it on the level they feel like they need Somehow, Roper. Yeah, they would like some advice. What would be that advice you'd give them?

spk_0:   33:29
First of all, never give up because there's absolutely there's a place for everybody in this world, and everybody has gone through something different. And across world we have billions of people on this earth. There's a lot of similar stories. Different. Worse, better so much happening to you. First of all, gonna sit back and just say this is who I am. Okay, Um, is there things I'd like to change? Yes. No, it's kind of breaking down into, like, a flow chart. You know, it's like, you know, I am this, you know, And I feel that this is something I need to work on, or I feel this is something that needs to, you know, be something that I can go along with. This represents me in a good way. And as far as you know, once you start to, like, hone in on those skills, like, definitely do that self reflection. And as much as you're gonna be negative with yourself because especially if you're lonely, it's gonna be a lot of negativity. Dig for that positivity in double triple quadruple down on. You know this what's good? As far as like what you feel is good for you and, you know, and it is definitely hard. Especially when you're lonely. I mean, I still deal with this stuff. I mean, I have a hard time connecting with everybody, especially when you're outgoing person. Not everybody wants that. You know, it's it's too much for some people. So I absolutely, to this day still struggle with that. And, you know, what I pretty much do is First of all, I found this hobby. This has been a blessing. The fact that I'm like, All right now, I could focus my time on this hobby, And this hobby could be anything it could be reading books, writing, you know, making music, listening to music. It doesn't always have to be a creation, either. You could just be an observer and, you know, make that your passion, find something that you're passionate about exercise and you know, all these different things. There's so many opportunities, you know, eating well, cooking like there's so many. There's a such a list. And you know, once you start to find those things, you gotta figure out your true self, you know, and then once you have that, you go to start, you know, and it definitely is hard. But you got to start putting yourself into these areas. And it's been a beautiful thing over this past year when I really started putting my art out. I really started like, you know, you know, I would tag people. My art start coming shows I would start messaging people, and it's kind of got me like I forced myself into this hard community a little bit. And this is what I want. This is who I want to be around. I love being around, you know, the artistic creatives that moment minded like and, you know, and I wasn't always surrounded by that like at all. Like I always that guy that was just like all the others goes Jessie and off on his tangent again. And it's like, Well, this is like, I can't help But this is who I am I love thee. You know, the beauty in the world. I could find the littlest thing and be like, That's so beautiful Cruise, You know, Look at that. You know, it could be a plant like, you know, we're

spk_1:   36:02
going out of the Congo.

spk_0:   36:03
Exactly, and but, like, do you know what goes into that plan to be like there's so many little things that just like we just walked by and that's just that are people look at a painting and it's like That's just that somebody sat there and, like, had to like, you know, passionately put this together. It's a reflection of the thought process, like those are the things I enjoy and that helped me Kind of gifted loneliness is just appreciating the small things. Like, you know, you go out in this world, don't just walk by something, that guy, that's just whatever. Maybe sit back for a second, like wow, like, look at this. You know, this is beautiful like and you know, when you start to do that, then you'll start to do that with people and then maybe that person that you like, he's a weird person or she's this and that, you know. But now maybe you're gonna sit back and be like this person is a manifestation of a little kid that was exposed to an environment. And then this environment created this person and who they are today. Every single thing that happens in your life is a butterfly effect. It all ripples off. It could be making a left her and compared to a right turn on a street, and that could impact your life more than you could even fathom you know. And it could be as little as that saying hi to that person walking down the street, you know, going, you know, And that's had that definitely happened with me getting with my art out there. Like I have on a on a whim, just like all right, you know what? I'm gonna go talk this person and just pitching my idea and and look what happened. And now I get to work with that person or that person's interested in likes my stuff, and they want a feature where, you know, something like that. That is something that is so powerful to just sit there and be like, All right, You know what? Screw it. I'm just gonna do it. And sometimes it's definitely hard. It is definitely hard. And especially when you're lonely and you're you know, you're always so critical yourself. And I'm not good enough. I'm not this in that. But sometimes you just gotta say, screw it because there's some mouse out. Worse. I'm Cory. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. You just gotta You just kind of got to go with it sometimes. And ah, lot of these things, like it's hard to give straight answers for Because, you know, I would be that person to listening to this and, well, it's not that easy. And I completely hear you and I agree with you. But sometimes you really just got to say, like, all right, I am jumping into this fire like I am just going to jump in. If I burn, I burn. If I don't, you know, then good. I just You know, I learned from this, you know, and everything also take everything is a learning experience. Everything you do, good or bad, is a positive learning experience. Because if you do something, you fall flat on your face. It's like, OK, that is something I will not be doing next time. You know, you take that on to the next thing, and by the hundreds time you fell in your face, or you, you know, achieved what you wanted. And then you get where you want eventually. So embraced your failures. Yeah, absolutely. So much. My God. Like especially with art or something like that. You were going to fail in life in general, it's not even just aren't like gonna go be an entrepreneur. You wanna be a cook? You wanna be, you know, a mechanic. You're any your gun. If if

spk_1:   38:50
I mean, let's say you just want to make a peanut butter and jelly. You don't even have the jelly exam Already failed. Failed.

spk_0:   38:56
Exactly. But if you look at that failure and like, you let that ride on you for, like, you know the rest of your life and you never eat a peanut butter and jelly because, you know, you're just missing out on, like, stuff like that. Like if you look at your art and you're just like, like, this is This is garbage like like I was doing. I was like, Dude, stop it. You are missing out on these opportunities Keep creating because one somebody might even like that or two You're gonna just keep learning from that. You're gonna now learn a different technique. And if you screw up, then just continually be like, all right, I'm gonna use this as a practice piece where I just you know, I'm gonna try this different technique or style, but all of this goes into everything. Like, you want to do that with music writing, you know, creating, you know, going to your job you know, even if it's ah regular 9 to 5 at an office. Like you try this out this one time. If it doesn't work, then you learn from it and and you gotta interpret it that way. I know it sounds so cliche and it's so basic, but, like, these are some of those skills that, like, you know, not even skills. It's just these little aspects toe life where you really just gotta I kind of just say, screw it. I'm going to just do this and just you know, if it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't And it gets a simple is that, But they're so beneficial he was in any success story. Nobody wakes up. It was pissing success from the day one. You know, I mean, and if you are my God, you are the rarest of the rare and like that just doesn't happen, you know, it doesn't have. It's so rare. And usually a lot of those people they when it comes down to like, you know, if you're like, you know, the perfect artist from the gate, like it's like, you know, a perfect music creator that that gets exposed. Whenever you know you have somebody that's been just absolutely added, failing, coming back like I mean, it's like a warrior mentality, like you're just a warrior. You are a fighter or something like that and you beat up or, you know, killing everybody. That was in your way. When you get somebody that's like, failed and got, you know, beat up or knock down and stuff like that, they're going to rock your world because you know adversity, Sochi, Like Sochi, You gotta, like sometimes throw yourself in your own adversity because if you don't and you don't get that exposure, you know, you're just it's just become soft eventually And it's just like, you know that when you meet somebody, that's like, You know, I've been through this, that this they're gonna rock your world, you know, you know, comes out. Even sports got that kid that was just gifted from all these years. And, you know, nobody could touch him on the football field. They're just too quick and they get to a dude. That's like I've been grinding at this. I was slow. I was out of shape. I was told I was never gonna make it and it's the undrafted person. They come up and they absolutely rocked the world because it's like it's just adversity that fire that hunger like all of that. And that just is a, you know, a perfect storm, just intensity and that just Rocky. So I mean, if you're out there failing or you're feeling lonely, this is just more stripes, you know, to your dear badge here, and it's like and that's just like you wear those out. You wear that proud. Like all of those failures. You absolutely wear that proud. I don't care how embarrassing, how stupid. You know, learn to laugh at yourself a little bit and learn to just be like, you know what? That was a great experience, like I felt so hard at that. But you know what? Now when I go to the next thing I already know, you know, and that's super important. So

spk_1:   42:07
I really appreciate you breaking that down for listeners because I do believe that a lot of individuals have been feeling lonely hand. I think that it's tough sometimes to know that there are people out there who do care about you, who do want to see, exceed and do love you. And I think if we can just acknowledge that we're all not too far apart from the way we all do experience some where emotions absolutely. And if we could talk about those emotions and talk about how they influence our lives, that we'll see our world being a much better standing than we are today. So I do appreciate that answer. And I'm sure if not all of our listeners want one of them did.

spk_0:   42:52
Yeah, yeah, that's good, because it's important. It's important because you're everybody's a unique individual. Everybody special If you're here on this world right now and especially listening to this podcast have that access to listen to it. You got a leg up. You know, like everything in life is the luck of the draw. You know, I always look at it as like a handful of cards. I pulled this card and I'm born into this Jesse Woods and North held bubble. Next card over could have been God knows what you know, not having a roof over my head living, you know, in a look like absolute chaos. And the next card over could have been the candy coated world, you know, So we don't know that and, you know, and getting lost in those thoughts is just doing yourself a deserves. You say this is the car that I was dealt. This is who I am, and this is I'm gonna be And you

spk_1:   43:40
gotta keep playing that card, That's all.

spk_0:   43:44
But you made that card your own. Oh, yeah. And you just look at it like this is who I am. I'm really trying to hone in on just even today, like it's it's me, myself. And I, like these are my These are my people, me, myself and I. And until I get the you know the right people on my team, you only need a handful of people on your team or even one. You know, you don't have to have hundreds of friends and be thousands and people on instagram. No, no, no. It's like for me. I just need one on the team to make it a team. You only need one other person to be a team. So you know, beyond myself and, like, you know, tryingto live within, you know, your own mind set, you know, getting getting, you know, one other person could be everything that you need. Teamwork makes the dream Where, exactly? So you know, utilize that right out on that thought. And there's always, you know, better things to come in the future. You know, so long as you're manifesting, you've got to be manifesting as much as I am. You know, some very like, detailed on emotion and, like, you know, wanting to be, you know, passionate all the stuff. But sometimes you gotta put in that work You really do, like I mean, there's no way around it, like you're not gonna gain experience. You're not gonna, you know, have these failures and positive things happen if you don't try. And that's what I said. You got to just jump in that fire sometimes. And you just gotta work. And you gotta work as hard as you possibly can for that time, you know, and be proud of who you are. I mean, literally look at yourself in the mayor and it gets redundant, and it gets sounds so corny. But you just gotta be like, I'm happy with who I am. Like, this is me like and you rocked that out be your number one supporter and you know what? And if people don't agree with it, they just don't get it, you know, because you know that's that's their own issue. And who cares, Because you don't need everybody to approve of you. It's no. You'll get yourself in the mirror. And when you're able to do that and say I kick ass like this is me like I'm able to do this like I got this, you know? And that's when you know the shift start happening. It's not like you're gonna look at yourself in the mirror. Just be like, Oh, I'm great, Everything's great and boom, All of a sudden, you just feel good. Is that a little bit over time? You sick? You keep doing that. You start saying that you have that much. It's rerouting its that cognitive thinking like that's just something in psychology is like rewrite, rewiring that cognitive thing in the sense that, like, you know, you just start rewiring your little thoughts like that little negative bug creeps in. Just like shut up like don't even don't even get it.

spk_1:   45:59
You kinda have to like, unwavering what? You've already landed and you re teach yourself through those learnings. Absolutely. Because

spk_0:   46:05
we just absorb everything. I mean, I always one of the biggest things that I always, you know, talk about a pride myself in is environment in the butterfly effect. Like I was saying, earlier environment to me is the like. Everybody has their traits in their DNA and like the way their parents are. But stuff like that like that you're born with out of the gate, OK, but environment to me, almost Trump's most of that you can you could take, you know, anybody to be. You know it. Don't give me a give me an example. And you put that person in a different environment the way the race, like out of the gate, you know, you'd have to, you know, put him in a scenario where they're young enough to mold because you're as a kid, you're absorbing everything. So you take that person, you put them in a different environment. That person's gonna be completely different. Different school, different friends different. And then, you know, that's when that butterfly effect that one kid you met at school led the X, Y and Z, and then Maybe you don't talk to that person. You talk to the next kid over a whole different life, you know? And those little things like because we're living life and we're always going through so much stimulation, everything's happening. So it's hard to sit back and think of every little moment being a thing. But, you know, if you reflect on your own life, think about like, you know, when I did this in high score, I did this when I was younger, I played a sport in, met this person, and you mean the list goes on? One of those events transpired in this something that you want, didn't think of and didn't see happening as it was happening. But it completely change things, because if you wouldn't have done that, you'd probably be a completely different person. So environment in the butterfly effect to me is so crucial and granted, you're not gonna be able to control everything. So that's where kind of the chaotic mindset comes in words like, if you thought of every single thing you did is a butterfly effect in your environment, you would go absolutely insane. Absolutely crazy. I do not advise that But I do advise to sit there and take it for what it is and sit there and think to yourself like, you know, when it comes to making a decision like, Okay, you know what? Maybe I should just give this a shot, you know, and go in there and see what happens. Because you know the potential. Know that, Rick, um, you know, we're gonna be Yeah, every wave is different, you know, and it's just beautiful. So

spk_1:   48:14
thank you for listening to this episode of rawness of reality with Jesse Woods. I hope you've had some actionable takeaways. I think Jesse has a very unique perspective on the world. You may have noticed the brief interjections of construction noise. I did too end up first. I was really mad about this, like, super angry. And before Jesse came over to the studio, I thought to myself, Crap, how am I going to have a discussion with somebody if there's construction noise going? Looking back in it, I don't think I'd change it, that the construction noise was there. And the reason why is because it was a part of the day. It was a part of the moment. Sometimes we don't always like what's a part of those moments that we remember? But everything has its place. Now, This isn't the first time for burst time, but let me break it down for you. The way it works is Jesse and I are gonna split a pack of Star Wars. I asked some some pretty quick questions. Pay attention because he has some great answers coming forward. Honestly, you've heard enough from me at this point. Here's Jesse Woods. Yes. So, first question, if you would have any superpower, what would that power be and why? I would say you went for the pink one first. I got the best wine. Yeah,

spk_0:   49:32
uh, I would say, uh, got invisibility would be cool. Be cool. I would say that because you could just observe things without ever having to actually be there and like, you could just consistently just, you know, kind of just go out and do whatever. Like, you know, you could just be, you know, you just have It's, like, a weird thing, because you could just have your own little world essentially at that. Yeah. So I definitely think that that would be interesting. but there's definitely a list of Yeah, that'd be pretty cool off the top of my head, I think.

spk_1:   50:03
One inspiring artist who's not involved in fashion.

spk_0:   50:06
One inspiring artists not involved fashion. Uh, Robert Williams to me. Love his art Older, older school guy. Definitely somebody That is a new inspiration as far as like to go. Oh, my God. You want to talk about controlled chaos like this dude is stuff is so chaotic in the sense that he has all this stuff going on in all of his pieces and like, you just look at it. You look off into the right side of the painting, and you know something else crazy is happening and that, you know, you get lost in that so it doesn't do fashion, But he's a really, really good artists. Really Like

spk_1:   50:46
one painter in Pittsburgh that you would like

spk_0:   50:49
to collaborate with. Yeah, we'll go. I mean, go, Zack. I mean, that's definitely

spk_1:   50:54
Zakir. You listen, man. Yeah, right. What does that mean? Why?

spk_0:   50:59
Yeah, because I mean, I like his. I like his message behind his work and how it's, you know, there's a lot going on. And as faras the double layered over the comic book, you know, and newspapers style. Um and that's what brought us here today. So, I mean, that event brought us brought me to you to this. So, you know, I definitely like that, you know, Is that butterfly effect? So,

spk_1:   51:21
yeah, And if there is one book or short story that you would pick up and read while a lot of boring baseball again, I'm so bad

spk_0:   51:37
with reading because I I always liked was just such a like I was just not the studio's kid in school. I always just was like, I'll find a way out. You get this out of the way. I absolutely need to and want to give you no more time for reading. So I specifically don't have a book that I could think of. I'm a podcast guy. So, like, I loved you. Start

spk_1:   51:56
questioning one card gas then that you would listen to at the baseball. Trust me, you don't have to say rawness A rally. I know you want Thio. Uh,

spk_0:   52:05
I just probably have to go with I love the Joe Rogan pocket. Yeah, I mean, that's so cliche to but like, I

spk_1:   52:13
like some of the great. Yeah, I think he does really want absolute. I don't think it's cliche just because number one uh, yeah, it's definitely like you. Yeah,

spk_0:   52:22
where I really resigned with that is he's very intense on his questioning, and he has, like, a pretty like, intense thought process that I definitely like, Can you know, Um, you know, feel with, like, I'm with him on that stuff. I love how he asked this question. Because when I'm listening to podcasts, I'm like, you know, questions. Just firing up. And he asks him, So I'm like, good. Like, thank God. But he's opened me up to a lot of other podcast like Audrey Marcus. And I even like, you know, like, funny or stuff like a Joey D. S or Duncan Trussell like I love that stuff. But I love the education that you get from those you know, I don't always want to be like Listen, is something that's just like comedy or something like That's nice for a nice little stimulation, but I love just absorbing that information while I could do other stuff. So that's something that yeah, I would definitely have to say one of his, You know, if he has a good guest on zero Red apologize.

spk_1:   53:11
Okay. And in a world without art, what would you do?

spk_0:   53:16
Well, without our wood? I d'oh home, man. Um, because everything that interests me is a creation. Because if you couldn't like, if I couldn't, you know, paint I would build, you know, that's hard. So my God, I guess sit there and be nothing like it isn't because, I mean, because if you think about it, isn't everything like, especially if you interpret it that way. A version of art, because even cooking, art, building something like a building are even like a hut or something like that. That's art. It's a creation. So

spk_1:   53:46
it's like, you just distinguish my question. You know, I

spk_0:   53:52
do want to give you I guess

spk_1:   53:53
the wood, um, thinking is like a world like George Orwell's like 1984 where, like, you're kind of in this society where you're told to live in a certain way and like everyone's watching you and and like, you're not allowed to create and you're not allowed to explore those creations. Do you still creating that world there? What do you do

spk_0:   54:12
like, I would definitely be that person that Yes. So you want a situation like that? I would be absolutely, like jacking up their whole system would be like, you know, I know I'm gonna create my way out of this, like, keep myself out of that. Whatever that situation is, now I know what you mean. That were like that that controlled reality, which is God, that could be its own tangent. And where we come from, in that sense, I would be that troublemaker for sure. I would be going against the grain and everything.

spk_1:   54:37
Favorite item to paint and or draw were create into fashion.

spk_0:   54:45
I would have to say that

spk_1:   54:46
I was getting guest. I've all but that's what Yeah, yeah. I mean, in, like, we have a favorite color. I

spk_0:   54:53
No, because, um because I like the the uniqueness in the fact that everything's gonna be different. And like we're talking about this a little bit at the exact show or your Ah, your eyes are you know, your own perception into reality. So it's like, you know, whatever happens as faras, um you know, the way you see and interpret things that all happened through your own eyes. And everybody has, you know, a different thought process in the way they interpret and see things. So the way I describe Visor, like the tunnel to reality and, you know, they're like your own universe, like they're your you know, your windshield to that, you know, And they are the, like, the first line of interpretation. Because with your eyes, you're seeing, you know, all types of different things. And I mean, even if, like, you know, the way you absorb things like, you know, if you're blind or something like that. Like I mean, you're absorbing things through a different outlet, you know what I mean? So, like, eyes were just like a part of that, you know that that windshield. So I find it very interesting in the fact that you know, that's the you know, you're all you're like. My thing is, is like, you're your own universe, you know, could because when you pass your world's over, you know who's to say that the world itself doesn't you know, like if we're all our own, you know, paving our own perceptions that you know when your world ends, who's to say that anything else was ever happening to begin with and, you know, interpreting and, you know, absorbing all this. You know, uh, what's going on out here? So we could all be living in our own different worlds. Me and you could be in this room right now, absolutely often. Too different. Yeah, atmospheres and universes. But, you know, this could be all a manifestation of my own thought process in reality. And this could be in, you know, for you could be completely something different. You know, these air? Just your windshields to reality. So definitely, definitely. Eyes air. Just interesting.

spk_1:   56:39
Favorite letter to write.

spk_0:   56:44
It's a, uh, favorite letter to write. I mean, I guess it's in my last name, but that we use a cold one. It's like because it's like there's a lot of different ways you could go. I like doing letters where you can have, like, a lot of different styles to go with it, like you could do it like sharp edge round, and you could have it like calligraphy, like, you know. And you could do that with every letter, but that, like that one. That one. Yeah. Yeah. You know. I guess after it so many times, you know, So you have more fun with that one. So,

spk_1:   57:14
actually, and what is rawness of reality mean

spk_0:   57:18
to you? We're honest reality. So that, to me, is pretty much a conversation we had today. It's because we really got into, like, a lot of like, you know, reality is raw in the sense that it is up to the individual on how you interpret that in that rawness of just being yourself and being around people. But that is reality. Because without those aspects to people we wouldn't like, you know, we would have such the reality would be different in itself. So you know, if you're gonna be wrong with yourself and, you know, be raw too out in the world that creates its own reality within itself. So that, to me, is like, really important. And, um, you know, you know, reality is interpreted in so many different ways in being raw with yourself is interpreted in so different way. So you're essentially, you know, when you're you're raw form, you're interpreting reality in a different way. If that makes sense, because it really varies, like being riel is being raw. So like and being yourself like this, how can you be Ria when you're not? You know, like you and you're wearing a mask or not being raw and you're watching how much you're exposed to something that's so like that that is reality. So I mean, I definitely like that name of even just for the podcast in stuff like that, because we're here now. I'm being wrong in this podcast. And this is reality like, because this is, you know, this is the way I perceive my reality in my world, you know? So I mean, it all kind of works hand in hand, and, you know, that goes back into the control, chaos and the environment, the butterfly effect, all those. Because those are all raw instincts in aspects to every human's life, you know whether you pay attention or interpret that it's up to you. But those raw aspects create reality. So I think that's definitely like a beautiful name and, uh, just thought process, because it's true. It's happening at all times. Whether you know it, don't.

spk_1:   59:12
It was a good way that you broke it down to you were able to kind of hit on the rawness of reality, for sure. From your perspective, I definitely appreciate that. Yeah. Is there anywhere our listeners can keep up with you and what you're doing in your life?

spk_0:   59:26
Yes. I mean, as of right now, I do have my instagram, and that's Ah, Jesse Woods. 25 21 sits J e s s E W 00 d. S 25 21 at the end of the I appreciate anybody that interacts with my work because it's just like feedback, like, you know, and I interpret it whether you like it or not. You know, you say this socks, and I'm gonna be like, right? Like, let's see why. Let me try to jump in their shoes and think Wide sucks. So you know, I'm grateful for all that stuff, So I appreciate everyone

spk_1:   59:54
does that. That's all I have free today. Yeah, thanks again for your Absolutely

spk_0:   59:59
I reality. She ate it. I present so much

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big shout out to everyone who made it to the end of the episode. We appreciate

spk_0:   1:0:05
you Absolutely. Yeah. Thank you so much, guys. We all appreciate it. Peace based

spk_1:   1:0:10
peace, love and happiness could be practiced a lot more states. I enjoyed speaking with Jesse Woods, and I hope you all took value. The conversation. If you enjoyed listening, please let me know. I do appreciate feedback are episodes can only get better from here. I want to give a big thank you to my campus, our production manager and Joe cow on beats. And remember, stay raw with reality.