Rawness of Reality

The Chill God - Pet Zebra #008

March 30, 2019 Kevin Stalker Season 1 Episode 8
Rawness of Reality
The Chill God - Pet Zebra #008
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In today's episode we have Pet Zebra. His musical ability is second only to his video's well timed sense of humor. Pet Zebra has a genuinely chill take on the way he carries himself. Through it all he know himself and the directions in which he brings his life. You can find all of his music on Spotify and YouTube. If you happen to go to YouTube you won’t be disappointed, his videos are phenomenal. . ////

Pet Zebra
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and a pet zebra. You know, you should call me Children from Pittsburgh

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Way. I'm your host, Kevin. Stop today. You thought, If you need me, Joel Other noon zebras Musical ability is second only to his videos. Well, time sense is a genuinely chill Take on the way he cares themselves through it all news himself in the direction of which brings us but enough from me. Here's pet Zebra. So I myself, I I enjoy inspiring people and I love the encourage people to do things. But I know that life takes hold and sometimes things happen in our lives that are out of our control. Because I heard you say that hard and

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I was waiting because it's definitely wave you so like I was saying Ah, Twitter to other day. Like so I got all different types of styles of music. I was saying, like, people were like my left ear was saying they like when I do like my trap music or whatever. And then I had people in my right ear saying, they like when I just do my chill shit. So I brought them both together, and that's why I feel like his way of

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the production quality of your videos. Phenomenal. Go look like Who's that?

spk_1:   1:16
Black White Scott. Benny.

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Yeah, they kill it. They really did. I heard you talk a little bit about Faris Will and it really made me think of this. So you said it like a Ferris wheel on anyone listening. I want you guys to visualize affairs with that and picture yourself on the top. And maybe you're on the top and it's saves. 9 a.m. And you're riding the Ferris wheel and it's coming down is going out. Rx 11 p.m. Comes around. You're like coming near the bottom of the fierce. Well, it's like your days, it's getting tough. Yeah, and then And then he comes is coming back up. It's like, All right, you're at 6 p.m. now. Feeling still so, so shitty. But like you're you know, there's a and

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I was the hole that was the whole like that was my whole reason. And naming it fears will just like sometimes you feel like you're on the top. Sometimes you might be at the bottom. You might be in a medal someday. Your kisses that's all over So I said, Life is like a fierce. Will you just go? That's crazy. That's definitely it is definitely what I was trying to get my whole point across.

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Yeah, no, it sticks. It really does. I appreciate. Would you say that through the tracks in that album that the fares will mentality is kind of shown throughout different tracks? Somewhere up, Summer down?

spk_1:   2:31
Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, what I was doing with that. It was like some songs like I think I took. I took a couple of months to work on that one because I had the guy pulled songs from all different types of when I was at different points in my life. And then I just orchestrated the whole track list of rough revolved around that It just went from nursing and do what I do or how I get my trees. You feel me like things is meditate I use It is a meditation process. Really? Like help me clear my mind. Somebody get on my nerves Smuggle blood cool. Now tripping over, you know?

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Yeah, I appreciate that idea, and I agree. I would like to see it legalized across the nation. It just seems like something people need to be on board with. But it also is a scary, scary reality when the government does have control or something, or a private business like one Marlboro put rat poison is, Why not just have pure de Vaca you

spk_1:   3:25
know they want to give me? Oh

spk_0:   3:29
yeah, it's very It's very like scary the world we're in and the way you can make money on things like That's where it's crazy. It's crazy. The name Pet Zebra. I've heard you talk a little bit about it, but I know some of our listeners don't really know.

spk_1:   3:45
Yeah, all right, So I came up with that name. I was chilling in my homie a Seiko studio, for I was with a fat cord and is making songs were just chilling. And I'm over here just talking to him about how, like I wanted, like, changed my rap name and stuff like that, like and hurt their feelings meat or like you because because, like, people was calling me to chill Ge and I felt like there was a lot of gods like in a music game at the time. Especially like it'll be what I am saying it was ugly. Got a lot of guys. You and I don't want to be grouped up in that category. I wanted something different. One thing about me, like I saw it the town or is this a lot of racial tension going on? You feel me? Yeah. Is there still is. And it is grown from then you feel me? I was like them. Like it's crazy because, like I got home and he was black, I got home. It was white. I got home. You lose Asian and Indian, Whatever I'm saying, like all types of races, like, I'm cool with Harry. So I was like, Look, what can I What can I do to represent that? Because, like, I want to share, So equality, like people don't understand how deep the name really is. Like they just look at it like pet zebra. They see it is just past Seaver, but not as deep for so I was like, I'm gonna pick an animal. An animal I picked was zebra, Obviously because of the black and white stripes makes this together like, and that's what I mean. You used a zebra to represent just equality movement like and then a pet came from. Like I said, Like I told you before about my dog Kind of really like, like, rule and retired, intertwined with my dog And, like, I really I fuck with him. Like I love him like So is it pet? And there's a pet owner. I treat my pet with the utmost respect, and I give him the best quality food I'm saying our trading the best. So, like, that's how I treat myself to treat myself well, good quality. I make sure I eat good science leave Good, babe. Good. Whatever. You know what I'm saying? T satisfy my needs. So, like, I just came up with the pet zebra not going together. Like I said, I'm rocking with this.

spk_0:   5:48
Yeah, I appreciate that. It is really a through every single U. S. Presidency. The one issue that has stood above all other issues is raising him. Yeah, and that's from George Washington. And now Donald Trump, in and out of every president, there's no other issue. So to be cognizant of that in yourself an and to understand that you have a part in this and we all do,

spk_1:   6:16
everybody does. That's the thing. Like, I'm not saying I'm gonna be out here and be some whole life activists like leader Anything but like it would be ignorant for me tonight. Ah, acknowledge the fact that just a single person I wouldn't have no worth or no saying how things play out. So, like anything I feel like I could do to contribute to that I'ma do you know, I'm saying to the best of my abilities. So I feel like me just representing the equality in that way is showing like a positive turn.

spk_0:   6:48
That's that's awesome. So I think out of all the names you've had, E I mean, it was your own. It

spk_1:   6:54
was just my regular name. You know what I'm saying? Like and I was cool, like I was even going Bad joke. Tell him, even during like, the whole chill got like the chill got was just supposed to be like a lifestyle, like it's still a thing I'm saying, like I'm still not always be the chill guy like everybody completed you guys. I'm just chilling, I'm saying, and whatever you do in any environment like you, I'm saying if you feel like you to chill this one of your environment. Then you beat a chill. Got like me like it's supposed to be like a lifestyle field, but type of thing,

spk_0:   7:22
That's what I'm gonna fire some quick questions for you. Yeah, I get it. Okay, So who's your favorite hip hop artist?

spk_1:   7:28
Currency. Uh, currency for sure. Favorite painter, painter. I'm about to say Bart Ross, he just goes crazy. And I watch a lot of his videos. So, like, I'm really tapped in and what he does.

spk_0:   7:46
Have you heard of Friendship Sessions? France Obsessions. It's a new YouTube shoes that just came out in Pittsburgh.

spk_1:   7:54
Uh, already is Deuce doing like the last time you see that?

spk_0:   7:58
That's kind of like that. Made me think of their like slogan is Tiny desk meets Marbro over. I

spk_1:   8:05
don't even know that. I did just come across them. I saw stony too low for

spk_0:   8:09
you. And I'm up there really cool people.

spk_1:   8:11
Definitely out the other.

spk_0:   8:14
If you had a choice between sandals or shoes, but you were walking on the beach, what would you pick?

spk_1:   8:23
I'm still in the shoes. I don't really be filling a sandal lab like you know what I'm saying? Like I got you. Yeah, Well, when I was out in ah, Collie, I did no shoes and no socks for the first time out there. And I was like, p k had me do it. I'm like, All right, let me do it. I'm saying he's like, you gotta get getting tough and get in tight with the earth man and filled it for the grounds. On my eyes, I do it. It was cool. But is this a mean man? All the thieves were soused orders.

spk_0:   8:51
And so let's say you're in a room of 50 people. What's the one characteristic that separates you from all the 50?

spk_1:   8:57
Mmm. I'm just I feel like it's just charismatic thing. Like like I'm funny. I'm cool. I'm chilling. I'm not. Ah. Pressing Mary by for Sanders. It was multiple. Things is just my hole or

spk_0:   9:11
what is rawness of reality mean to you?

spk_1:   9:13
Just not seeing no fake illusions, you know, stand true to what you're really saying what you're really doing. You know, I'm saying not tricking in mine and seeing something that it ain't you just being true to yourself.

spk_0:   9:25
Be true to yourself. Yeah. Anything coming up in your life or anything that you want our listeners to know about

spk_1:   9:31
Working on a on a mixed day said, I'm trying Drop it on for 20. Got a couple of my home. He's on here. I feel like it's gonna be a pretty big project. Got some videos dropping me and p k delays working on and make state does we won't draw. Just follow me up on Instagram Twitter at High Pet Zebra H i p e t z e b or a And, uh, just keep up with me on there for

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all right. Yeah, I remember. Stay true to yourself. That was a zebra A Yeah. Could you D'oh! Enjoy. And if you happen to be on apple five stars and give us you can also always wrong our only and a big thank you to my direction. Joke and women stay wrong with. Yeah,